Video guide


Here's a short video that will teach you all you need to know.

1. Leads Finder installation

All you need is a google chrome browser to install Leads Finder. Since, it is a chrome extension, it will be only accessible in Google Chrome Browser. Download the extension from the Google Chrome Store by clicking here.

Once it is downloaded, Install it, pin it in the Extension Toolbar Menu for easy access. Click the Extensions button in the upper right corner of Google Chrome to begin with it.

Click on the little pin icon on the top right corner which contains access to all the extensions in one place.

The Leads Finder Extension is readily available in the extension toolbar in the top right corner of your screen. Once it is visible, it is ready to be used for getting quality business leads.

2. Using Leads Finder

Trial Version

Go to Google Maps and search for the sort of business you want to generate leads for.

The amount of results you obtain will be determined by the number of pages you click through.
Click the "next" button once if you want 40 results. Click more four times to get 100 results.

Once you've determined how many leads you want, click the extension on the extension toolbar. You will only be able to download 6 leads if you have not created an account. You may obtain an endless number of leads once you log in with your email address and subscribe to our monthly or yearly rental package here.

To export the six results to a CSV file, click the green Export button.

Paid Version

You can acquire the complete unlimited version here if you want to download limitless leads. After signing up, you may use the extension and log in.

After logging in with your email address, the extension will display this screen to the user.

To export the results to a CSV file, click the green Export button.. 💪

3. Managing Your Leads Finder Account

By logging into your account, you can change your email address, password, and cancel your account at any time.

Click the Manage Account option in the extension to do so. You will be brought to a screen where you may edit your account information and, if desired, terminate your account.

Save your productive time & Unleash your business spirit by working smart with Leads Finder.

Your Business can get unlimited leads from the local listings at great ease without spending much time with our smart tool. We're sure you'll like Leads Finder. Who doesn't like the idea of saving hundreds of hours of manual work.