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Time is money! Don’t waste time in gathering Google My Business business listing and reach put to your business prospects effortlessly. Lethe Leads finder ease your hard work.

How do you get leads at easy?

We all know the way to find the business on google maps. Our tool is extremely easy to use with google maps. Just with a click, you can use the tool to get unlimited leads. Also, we are available 24/7 to help you with your troubles and provide quick solutions.

  • Simple & easy to use

    An Email address is enough to get started with our extension. With the help of your email address, install and login into our extension. No additional complicated applications and logins require to navigate through the extension and its settings.
  • Unlimited leads

    Never be concerned about exceeding a quota or running out of credits. Get all of the leads you require for a minimal monthly fee.
  • Affordable pricing

    Our Pricing structure are reasonable enough to give you the minimum cost per lead. One lead from Leads Finder might fund a lifetime subscription.

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Frequently asked questions

We are confident that you will like Leads Finder, but if you do not, you may cancel at any moment. We offer flexible service of cancellation of subscription.
Nope! There is no limit on lead generation. You can obtain as many leads as you desire.
Yes, we abide with Microsoft's terms of service and are a proud member of the Microsoft Partner Center.
Yes, we are ready to provide free trial full access. To get free account please contact us with contact form or using online chat.

Affordable pricing structure

We know the importance of leads for your business, therefore we poffer unlimited leads for your business at the most affordable price. We’re confident enough that Leads Finder will offer your business required leads, but still, if you are not satisfied with our services, you are free to cancel the subscription at any moment.

1 month
20 $


Get started Cancel anytime
1 year


Get started Cancel anytime

Save your productive time

Your Business can get unlimited leads from the local listings at great ease without spending much time with our smart tool. We're sure you'll like Leads Finder. Who doesn't like the idea of saving hundreds of hours of manual work. Unleash your business spirit by working smart with Leads Finder.